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Work underway on Lower Hutt building at the centre of country’s first seismic-strengthening prosecution [Video]


Hutt City Council took action against Alura Ltd for its failure to complete work on the Petone building. (First published in 2018)

Construction work is underway on the building at the heart of New Zealand’s first seismic-strengthening prosecution.

Alura Ltd was fined $37,500 after it pleaded guilty in the Hutt Valley District Court in 2018 to a charge brought against it by the Hutt City Council after repeated attempts to get the company to bring the earthquake-prone Lower Hutt building up to standard.

Directors Jitesh​ and Jigesha Govind​ had been issued a compliance notice for their property at 307 Jackson St, Petone, in 2008.

Around the time of the prosecution, the council also issued a notice for occupants to vacate the building, so it could be strengthened or demolished. The Govinds had faced a maximum fine of $200,000.

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Tragic Details About David Spade [Video]

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