Accidents and Disasters

This will make you WANT to wear a seat belt! | Road Rage, Car Crashes, & Bad Drivers 2021 #83 [Video]

This will make you WANT to wear a seat belt! | Road Rage, Car Crashes, & Bad Drivers 2021 #83

This video includes road rage, car crashes, bad drivers, rear-ended, hit and run, instant karma, and many more of March 2021! The footage can be utilized as a learning tool for how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. Many clips are used as an example of how to and how NOT to follow driving procedures. Recall that driving is a privilege, not a right.

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Agent Texas – dash cam footage ➤
AvoidTheDarkSide – Black Ice ➤ Video Submission
Bad Drivers of Ohio – Car crash Columbus Ohio SR-161 ➤
Brett Fletchall – Deer car crash ➤ Video Submission
Christopher Self – Red light runner ➤ Video Submission
DJ Stalker – truck passed me with another coming ➤
DJDiehl2K – Midnight 100+ MPH arrest ➤ Video Submission
G. Rios – Bad drivers ➤ Video Submission
John McClean – Why Ontario Insurance premiums HIGH ? ➤
justjamieb – Bad driver and close cal ➤ Video Submission
Kenneth J Fielder – Close call ➤ Video Submission
Linda Caffee – Car wreck ➤
Ned B – Accident 2 27 2021 ➤
Plunl0ve – Probably in some kind of trouble ➤ Video Submission
Redneck Mayhem – almost has a head on collision! ➤
Rich H – Runs the red light ➤ Video Submission
Roy – Car collision ➤ Video Submission
Shannon Muro – Bad driver ➤ Video Submission
We are not certified driving instructors. Our advice is referenced from credible and reliable sources. We utilize the advice to help viewers analyze and evaluate real-world examples and to perhaps prevent any future mishaps.


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Accidents and Disasters

Two children, 4 and 11, killed in crash in Rochester [Video]

An empty car seat strewn in the road signified the tragedy on northwest Rochester's side Wednesday morning.Two children were killed and a third is in critical condition after two vehicles collided at about 9:45 a.m. at Lyell Avenue and Mount Read Boulevard.All three children were ejected from a vehicle being driven by their 30-year-old mother, according to the Rochester Police Department. That vehicle was T-boned at the intersection.An 11-year-old was pronounced deceased at the scene. A 4-year-old died within minutes of arrival at the hospital. An 8-year-old was taken to the hospital with fractures. Rochester Police say that child is in critical condition. The mother suffered cuts to her face.The fact that this happened the day before Thanksgiving is particularly tragic, RPD Command Greg Bello said.Full Story, Witness describes fatal crash in Rochester, and Woman suing legislator, Monroe County: 'I will not be ignored'0:00 Two children, 4 and 11, killed in crash in Rochester2:16Witness describes fatal crash in Rochester4:10 Woman suing legislator, Monroe County: 'I will not be ignored'_______________Stay up to date with our social media:13 WHAM on Facebook: WHAM on Twitter: to 13 WHAM on YouTube: WHAM Daily News Digest: more information, visit a news tip? Send it directly to us: Email us: news@13wham.comCall the Newsroom: 585.334.8700WHAM is a NY based station and a ABC Television affiliate owned and operated by Deerfield Media, Inc and receives certain services from an affiliation of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country today. #13WHAM #ABCLOCAL13 #Rochester

Accidents and Disasters

This video is Bad Drivers and Driving Fails Compilation of 2021 (USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA & MORE) in the series that is all about road rage, car crashes, idiots in cars, hit and run, instant karma, near miss, learning how to drive. If you're into crazy drivers, brake check, close calls, rear-ended, accident, funny car fails, dashcam fails, car problems, this video is it!👉 Would you like to buy a dashcam? 👉 BEST SELLERS DASHCAM: See all episodes here:🔴 If you own the copyright of any video posted on the channel, please contact this email👉📷 Submit your Dashcam video: (contact this email)Special thanks for the permission to use video: Bad Drivers of the CSRA - obey the driving rules & road laws and stay safe on the roads!Visit website for Driving Safety tips: #RoadRage #CarCrash

Accidents and Disasters

🛑 All videos are used with the copyright holder's permissions! (CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION OF EVERY LINK BELOW) ✔️⚫ Submit your Dashcam video:⚫ Links to the original videos:1. Barb - --- brake check ( ) 2. Antonio - --- Near Miss ( Tomball, Texas ) 3. Milwaukee Roundabout - --- After hitting the curb, he had to extract a traffic cone from under his car - Crash ( ) 4. Meechi - --- Dashcam Footage ( Houston/Sugarland, TX )5. Jordan Neff - --- ( London, Ontario ) 6. sayaka - --- Spokane, Washington ( ) 7. worry - --- Inpatient driver passes in front of me ( Los Angeles, CA ) 8. TReNCHKiLLa - --- Clip Submit ( Henderson, NV ) 9. J C - --- My dash cam footage ( ) 10. Brandon Q - --- Cutoff in traffic... He was weaving in and out traffic. ( )11. Luke Brown - --- Driving Fail - The cost of not paying attention ( Grand Rapids, MI ) 12. Warren G - --- ( ) 13. Axl F - --- Dangerous truck driver near Chicago ( ) 14. sharkbait - --- ( I-5 North San Fernando, CA ) 15. Jonathan - --- Dashcam Clip (Date is wrong) Wrong Way In Turn Lane ( Warrensburg, Missouri ) 16. Luna reviews Lights accessories - --- Car crash! ( Tracy CA ) 17. L.E. Phant - --- SMH ( ) 18. Kristin - --- Houston, TX Westheimer Rd accident19. Shloyo - --- Crash to the back left of my car ( Monsey, NY ) 20. Ryan W. - Dashcam Footage - Almost accident coming home from work ( Colonie, NY ) 21. csfrantz - --- Driver hot black ice and totaled a Camero ( Fairport NY )