Accidents and Disasters

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021 [Video]

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021

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1. Eric – — Ram Cam 05/11/21 ( Spokane Valley, WA )

2. crazybob323 – — Fails to Yield, 05/11/2021 ( Houston, TX )

3. Matthew – — ( Marion IA )

4. migraineman33 – — ill-advised pass ( Laurel, Maryland on Rt-32 westbound between Rt-1 and I-95 )

5. Jenna N. – — Car gets cut off and crashes into barrels ( Fresno, CA )

6. OuttaControl22 – — Rear ended 5/12/21 ( Northwest Indiana )

7. Daniel Hastings – — 5-10 accident Bowden rd ( Jacksonville FL )

8. bad drivers of winnipeg manitoba – — triple lane change. 60 to 0 in less then 10 feet. ( Winnipeg Manitoba )

9. Tom Clayton – — Why I Drive With A Dash Cam ( Greensboro NC )

10. D Tran – — Near miss with a truck, slammed on brakes ( Sacramento, CA )

11. LCDeuce – — 3-26-21 Dashcam Accident – Beach/Long ( Ft Worth TX )

12. Travis Davis – — hit and run short ( )

13. Zombie Ninja – — Rove Stealth Dashcam Crash ( Hacienda Heights, California )

14. major hassle – — White Ford sedan randomly brake checks me ( on I5 North around Everett, Washington )

15. MCRoadAdventures – — Driving Fails in San Antonio – May 10, 2021 ( San Antonio, TX )

16. palmettogamecock1 – — Traffic Accident (fender bender). First car swerves to safety. ( Charleston, SC )

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Accidents and Disasters

Moto Robber Takes Asphalt Temperature Challenge [Video]

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Accidents and Disasters

Neighbors call for safer conditions on Kiefer Creek Road after deadly crash [Video]

Early Sunday morning, a fiery single-car crash in west St. Louis County claimed the lives of three teenagers and left two injured.Without pointing blame or speculating on what may have happened early Sunday morning, neighbors who spoke to 5 On Your Side said they are frustrated by speeding, traffic violations and wildlife in the area.Tom Odlum has lived near Kiefer Creek for 30 years and has never seen anything like the accident early Sunday morning. "The entire car was engulfed in flames from bumper to bumper," he said. "It was just horrific, it was terrible."Odlum said he doesn't know if speed played a role in the collision, but that he wants to see people slow down. "I think they need to have more patrols. You see policemen up and down the street all the time between Manchester and St. Louis County, perhaps if they were doing some seated patrols where they were taking radar," he said.Steve Wolfe lives in the next subdivision over from Odlum, he too drives Kiefer Creek often. "Sometimes people go 40 miles an hour and people want to go a lot faster so they cross the double yellow line," he said.A former driver's ed instructor in California, Wolfe wants people to be aware of all the hazards, not just other drivers. Pointing to the side of Kiefer Creek that borders the woods, he told 5 On Your Side that deer pop out all the time.5 On Your Side requested crash information for Kiefer Creek Road from the St. Louis County Police Department. Since 2019, officers have reported 29 vehicle crashes:12 crashes in 20199 crashes 20208 in 2021Of those 29 collisions, one was deadly, Sunday's. In 3 of the 29 crashes, people were hurt, including the two teenagers who survived on Sunday.St. Louis County Councilmember Tim Fitch's district neighbors Kiefer Creek. He says the road needs to be redone. "Every time I am on Kiefer Creek, I think about how dangerous it is and how much that area has grown," Fitch tells 5 On Your Side, "I think the best solution here would be to reconstruct and re-engineer these rural roads in St. Louis County, particularly in West County where so many of these exist."Two boys and a girl died at the scene. In a Monday morning update, police identified the victims:Cole Anello, 16, of Manchester (driver)Rhegan Sajben, 15, of WildwoodJacob Keifer, 15, of BallwinGoFundMe accounts have been set up to benefit the families of the three victims — Anello, Sajben, and Keifer.STORY:

Accidents and Disasters

🛑 All videos are used with the copyright holder's permissions! (CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION OF EVERY LINK BELOW) ✔️⚫ Submit your Dashcam video:⚫ Links to the original videos:1. B - --- WhAt Is FrEeFlOwInG tUrN? ( Holly Springs, NC 2. Mauro BDM - --- Road fault ? i don t know XD ( )3. anonymous - --- ( )4. u/TastyTacoo - --- Insurance scam, road rage, just an idiot? You decide. ( ) 5. u/AnyAcanthopterygii27 - --- Tailgater (honks at the beginning of the video) gets a taste of karma, unfortunately others are involved. ( ) 6. u/backwoodasian - --- Entitled cop flashes his lights to cut me off ( ) 7. tremendousbag7 - --- Close call to a car accident.... defensive driving. There are idiots on the road ( Rincon, Georgia ) 8. Dawson - --- ( ) 9. Ashlee - --- ( Graham, WA ) 10. DoubleD - --- ( Folsom, CA )11. Let's Ride Illinois - --- Road Rage Incident - Wisconsin Driver Retaliates Over Being Honked At ( Illinois ) 12. Alex - --- Truck Runs Yield Sign Almost Causing Collision ( Cornwall Ontario )13. u/p_ko - --- He told the cop I swerved in front of him ( )14. Powerstroke - --- Dash cam video ( on highway 99 South, Delta BC )15. Dark Zazz - --- Car gets hit and spins like a top! ( Sugar Land, TX )16. u/PmMePhotoshopRequest - --- Idiot meanders his way in to rear-ending me, took off afterwards too of course ( Athens Georgia ) 17. Anthony Miller - --- Dashcam Footage ( Woodland, CA )18. Carlos - --- Another close call ( on I-70, Denver, CO ) 19. Andrei Zh - --- Instant karma ( downtown Toronto )