Accidents and Disasters

Road Rage, Car Crash, & Bad Drivers | Driving Fails 2021 #90 [Video]

Road Rage, Car Crash, & Bad Drivers | Driving Fails 2021 #90

This video includes road rage, car crashes, bad drivers, rear-ended, hit and run, instant karma, and many more of 2021! The footage can be utilized as a learning tool for how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. Many clips are used as an example of how to and how NOT to follow driving procedures. Recall that driving is a privilege, not a right.

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Special thanks to the video submitters! Check them out:
Apun Kadak – Bad driver ➤ Video Submission
Blair Scott – Bad Drivers of Austin: Cutting Corners ➤
Blair Scott – Bad Drivers of Austin: Parking Lot Skills? ➤
Blair Scott – Driver almost causes two wrecks in a minute ➤
Brian Scearce – Dashcam view of accident, 2015-10-25 ➤
CableZL – Dash Cam – Truck Driver Barely Avoids Barrier ➤
Detroit DashCam – Tries to show off and gets lucky! ➤
Erick – Instant karma ➤ Video Submission
Joey Mac – DashCamDummies: Car crash on I95 in MD ➤
Joshua – A toyota almost hit me ➤
KLODKAM – Into Head On Traffic ➤
Matt Stretch Stephenson – Idiot drivers ➤
Matthew – Hit and run accident ➤
Redneck Mayhem – 2 Cars collide on freeway ➤
TigTk421 – Dog-on Linc traffic! ➤
We are not certified driving instructors. Our advice is referenced from credible and reliable sources. We utilize the advice to help viewers analyze and evaluate real-world examples and to perhaps prevent any future mishaps.


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Accidents and Disasters

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021 [Video]

🛑 All videos are used with the copyright holder's permissions! (CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION OF EVERY LINK BELOW) ✔️⚫ Submit your Dashcam video:⚫ Links to the original videos:1. Barb - --- brake check ( ) 2. Antonio - --- Near Miss ( Tomball, Texas ) 3. Milwaukee Roundabout - --- After hitting the curb, he had to extract a traffic cone from under his car - Crash ( ) 4. Meechi - --- Dashcam Footage ( Houston/Sugarland, TX )5. Jordan Neff - --- ( London, Ontario ) 6. sayaka - --- Spokane, Washington ( ) 7. worry - --- Inpatient driver passes in front of me ( Los Angeles, CA ) 8. TReNCHKiLLa - --- Clip Submit ( Henderson, NV ) 9. J C - --- My dash cam footage ( ) 10. Brandon Q - --- Cutoff in traffic... He was weaving in and out traffic. ( )11. Luke Brown - --- Driving Fail - The cost of not paying attention ( Grand Rapids, MI ) 12. Warren G - --- ( ) 13. Axl F - --- Dangerous truck driver near Chicago ( ) 14. sharkbait - --- ( I-5 North San Fernando, CA ) 15. Jonathan - --- Dashcam Clip (Date is wrong) Wrong Way In Turn Lane ( Warrensburg, Missouri ) 16. Luna reviews Lights accessories - --- Car crash! ( Tracy CA ) 17. L.E. Phant - --- SMH ( ) 18. Kristin - --- Houston, TX Westheimer Rd accident19. Shloyo - --- Crash to the back left of my car ( Monsey, NY ) 20. Ryan W. - Dashcam Footage - Almost accident coming home from work ( Colonie, NY ) 21. csfrantz - --- Driver hot black ice and totaled a Camero ( Fairport NY )

Accidents and Disasters

6 injured in Fife crash | FOX 13 Seattle [Video]

6 people were taken to the hospital after two cars crashed.Subscribe to FOX 13 Seattle: FOX 13 Seattle Live: 13 Seattle is Western Washington's source for breaking news, weather, traffic, politics and sports. Home of Washington's Most Wanted and the official TV partner of the Seattle Seahawks, Sounders FC and Storm Basketball.Download the FOX 13 Seattle News App: the FOX 13 Seattle Weather App: to FOX 13 Seattle newsletters: FOX 13 Seattle on Facebook: FOX 13 Seattle on Twitter: FOX 13 Seattle on Instagram:

Accidents and Disasters

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