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Road Rage, Car Crash, & Bad Drivers | Driving Fails 2021 #117 [Video]

Road Rage, Car Crash, & Bad Drivers | Driving Fails 2021 #117

This video includes road rage, car crashes, bad drivers, rear-ended, hit and run, instant karma, and many more of June 2021! The footage can be utilized as a learning tool for how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. Many clips are used as an example of how to and how NOT to follow driving procedures. Recall that driving is a privilege, not a right.

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Andar FARHAN – Two Toyotas in road rage ➤
bigtimmey – Red light runner ➤ Video Submission
Boonshy – Back view ➤
Brandon Weaver – Instant Karma for tailgater ➤
DayLiving – car crash caught on dash cam 2021 ➤
Donavan18 – Last second decision ➤ Video Submission
Florida Turnpike Chronicles – Florida Turnpike Idiot ➤
jts8 – Bad Drivers Caught on Camer #3 | Car Go Weeeeeeeee ➤
Lando Commando – The average BMW driver ➤
Meggston – Cut off ➤ Video Submission
Nelson13 – Blind spot check fail ➤ Video Submission
predatorybird – Red light accident ➤ Video Submission
Sankha Das – Bad lane change ➤ Video Submission
Steve Ross – Hit and Run Jeep Sams Club Parking Lot ➤
Yavin_17 – Red light runner gets caught ➤ Video Submission
We are not certified driving instructors. Our advice is referenced from credible and reliable sources. We utilize the advice to help viewers analyze and evaluate real-world examples and to perhaps prevent any future mishaps.


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Accidents and Disasters

The best-selling book SAN FRANSICKO told you only part of the Tom Wolf story... [Video]

In this episode of Real Talks on the Rocks, I sit down with Tom Wolf. A native San Franciscan who was recently featured in the best-selling book San Fransicko by Michael Shellenberger. Tom goes deeper into his story of how and why he ended up homeless on the streets of San Francisco, how he got out of that lifestyle, and what conversations need to be had by both politicians and by members of the San Francisco public. Only together can we solve the problems that plague San Francisco streets. You might find that the problems facing San Francisco are not the same as they are in other parts of the country or the world.You can reach out to Tom through his website: www.tomwolf.orgYou can also follow him on twitter @TwolfrecoveryIf you have not already, please pick up a copy of the book "San Fransicko" by Michael Shellenberger. It is available on Amazon as well as on can also listen to the audio-only version of this show on Apple Podcasts: many other podcast hosting sites!If you enjoy the content and direction of this show, please follow me on Instagram and help me by supporting the channel at Your small donation goes a long way in ensuring that I can continue to provide an environment for my future guests who take time out of their day to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world! #SanFransicko #TomWolf #Michael Shellenberger #SanFranciscodrugepidemic

Accidents and Disasters

Driver Arrested After Crash That Trapped Woman | Santa Ana, CA [Video]

11.20.2021 | 12:35 AM | SANTA ANA - A suspected DUI driver was arrested after running a red light and causing a crash that trapped a woman in her vehicle, early Saturday morning.The two-car crash was reported at the intersection of North Main Street & West Main Place Drive, near the MainPlace Mall, around 12:35 AM.When units arrived on scene they located a white 2014 Dodge Charger that had collided with a blue 2004 Honda CR-V.The Honda was resting on its side with a female occupant trapped inside.Firefighters used heavy rescue tools along with the Jaws of Life to free the woman before transporting her to an area hospital in unknown condition.The driver of the Dodge was uninjured and later placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI.Witnesses who were in a vehicle behind the Honda said the Dodge caused the wreck by running a red light.-----------------------------------------For more breaking news you can use visit for licensing.Copyright © 2021 | County News Service | All Rights Reserved.

Accidents and Disasters

David Spade has been entertaining audiences with his wry, sardonic style of comedy for more than 30 years. Having gotten his big break in 1987’s Police Academy 4, Spade made his mark in films like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Joe Dirt. But he’s probably best known for his work on Saturday Night Live throughout the ‘90s.Sadly, the former SNL star has also had a substantial amount of death, destruction, and sadness in his life. From horrible breakups to the unexpected deaths of several of his closest friends and family members, here are some of the tragic details about David Spade.#DavidSpade #SNL #ComediansExperienced a lot of death early on | 0:00The death of Chris Farley | 1:22Death of Kate Spade | 2:34Death of Brody Stevens | 3:42Attacked by his personal assistant | 4:53Lara Flynn Boyle cheated on him | 6:14Home was burglarized | 7:24Unlucky in love | 8:25Read Full Article: