Accidents and Disasters

Monkey Attacks Woman! Fails of the Week | FailArmy [Video]

Monkey Attacks Woman! Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Happy #FailFriday​ everyone! Another great week of fails coming at you! Rude monkeys, backfiring pranks, and expensive home improvement fails round out this week’s episode. Enjoy them, you earned it!

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Accidents and Disasters

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021 [Video]

🛑 All videos are used with the copyright holder's permissions! (CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION OF EVERY LINK BELOW) ✔️⚫ Submit your Dashcam video:⚫ Links to the original videos:1. u/sius_harlin - --- My girlfriend just wanted French fries... ( )2. u/telijah - --- I was the idiot a couple night ago. Answered phone but it didn't connect to the car handsfree, so I was distracted trying to figure that out.3. Carlos B - --- Suv spins out, almost hits semi head on(low speed)4. Anonymous - --- Thief and pursuit caught on dash cam ( ) 5. Mopar Guy - --- Acura sedan cuts me off ( Deerfield, WI )6. D Miller - --- Almost hit head-on by grain truck ( )7. Travis Pulliza - --- Hit and run on crossbay Blvd in Queens, NY ( )8. Paul - --- Red Explorer does not stop at stop line in parking lot ( )9. Sunset riders - --- Instant karma on road ( Brampton ON )10. [ ] - --- Accident on 24/11/2021 ( Pueblo Colorado )11. JT Does Stuff - --- Another bad accident in Jacksonville FL. Car runs red light , SUV flips over ( )12. Jackson - --- Wrong Side of the Road Driver ( Terre Haute, Indiana )13. The350Zboy - --- Car accident - Dale City, VA14. Glitch Media - --- Double Dumbass ( )15. Matthew Warren - --- Idiot driver merge's infront of me ( Longmont, Colorado )16. Joshua - --- Dash cam 11/24 ( Grand Prairie Texas )

Accidents and Disasters

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