Accidents and Disasters

Mom Shoots At Aggressive Dog And Misses Horribly [Video]

Mom Shoots At Aggressive Dog And Misses Horribly

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Accidents and Disasters

Two children, 4 and 11, killed in crash in Rochester [Video]

An empty car seat strewn in the road signified the tragedy on northwest Rochester's side Wednesday morning.Two children were killed and a third is in critical condition after two vehicles collided at about 9:45 a.m. at Lyell Avenue and Mount Read Boulevard.All three children were ejected from a vehicle being driven by their 30-year-old mother, according to the Rochester Police Department. That vehicle was T-boned at the intersection.An 11-year-old was pronounced deceased at the scene. A 4-year-old died within minutes of arrival at the hospital. An 8-year-old was taken to the hospital with fractures. Rochester Police say that child is in critical condition. The mother suffered cuts to her face.The fact that this happened the day before Thanksgiving is particularly tragic, RPD Command Greg Bello said.Full Story, Witness describes fatal crash in Rochester, and Woman suing legislator, Monroe County: 'I will not be ignored'0:00 Two children, 4 and 11, killed in crash in Rochester2:16Witness describes fatal crash in Rochester4:10 Woman suing legislator, Monroe County: 'I will not be ignored'_______________Stay up to date with our social media:13 WHAM on Facebook: WHAM on Twitter: to 13 WHAM on YouTube: WHAM Daily News Digest: more information, visit a news tip? Send it directly to us: Email us: news@13wham.comCall the Newsroom: 585.334.8700WHAM is a NY based station and a ABC Television affiliate owned and operated by Deerfield Media, Inc and receives certain services from an affiliation of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country today. #13WHAM #ABCLOCAL13 #Rochester

Accidents and Disasters

Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021 [Video]

🛑 All videos are used with the copyright holder's permissions! (CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION OF EVERY LINK BELOW) ✔️⚫ Submit your Dashcam video:⚫ Links to the original videos:1. u/sius_harlin - --- My girlfriend just wanted French fries... ( )2. u/telijah - --- I was the idiot a couple night ago. Answered phone but it didn't connect to the car handsfree, so I was distracted trying to figure that out.3. Carlos B - --- Suv spins out, almost hits semi head on(low speed)4. Anonymous - --- Thief and pursuit caught on dash cam ( ) 5. Mopar Guy - --- Acura sedan cuts me off ( Deerfield, WI )6. D Miller - --- Almost hit head-on by grain truck ( )7. Travis Pulliza - --- Hit and run on crossbay Blvd in Queens, NY ( )8. Paul - --- Red Explorer does not stop at stop line in parking lot ( )9. Sunset riders - --- Instant karma on road ( Brampton ON )10. [ ] - --- Accident on 24/11/2021 ( Pueblo Colorado )11. JT Does Stuff - --- Another bad accident in Jacksonville FL. Car runs red light , SUV flips over ( )12. Jackson - --- Wrong Side of the Road Driver ( Terre Haute, Indiana )13. The350Zboy - --- Car accident - Dale City, VA14. Glitch Media - --- Double Dumbass ( )15. Matthew Warren - --- Idiot driver merge's infront of me ( Longmont, Colorado )16. Joshua - --- Dash cam 11/24 ( Grand Prairie Texas )

Accidents and Disasters

A truck driver narrowly avoided serious injury after nodding off behind the wheel of her truck, ploughing through the central reservation of the M5.Sarah-Louise Murray from County Armagh was driving through Somerset having left Scotland the evening before.Ms Murray lost control of her truck at 7.12am on March 13 having spent more than ten hours behind the wheel.Shocking dashcam footage from a HGV following Murray shows how her lorry drifts to the left onto the hard shoulder before clipping the bank and slewing wildly to the right.The truck swerves in front of a car with the dashcam and crashes through the central reservation as Murray's trailer topples over sideways and slides onto the north bound carriageway.Original video: story: Mail Website: Mail Facebook: Mail IG: Mail Snap: Mail Twitter: Mail Pinterest: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app: