Accidents and Disasters

Houston Mugging Teaches Us Lessons [Video]

Houston Mugging Teaches Us Lessons

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Accidents and Disasters

Sadhivji's Divine LIVE Satsang: The "I" Has It! [Video]

With our beautiful Parmarth family joining us from abroad and in the Sacred Garden at the Ashram, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawatiji led a beautiful Divine Satsang that was the perfect opportunity for all of us to go deeper into our spiritual path with the inspired and enlightening responses that she gives to the questions that she receives from around the world.The first of those questions came from one of our family members living abroad, and concerned Memory - specifically, what would you do if you discovered that one of your favourite memories wasn't true. Watch and listen to Sadhviji's beautiful and thoughtful response!Next, one of our family members in the Sacred Garden wondered what we mean when we use the word "I" - what or who is the "I" that we're talking about. Then, a question from another family member, wondering how to achieve a thoughtless state in meditation. Sadhviji's thoughtFULL response will delight you!Finally, is this place we call paradise - the heaven on Earth that the saints and the sages describe - is it real? Does it really exist? Should we be looking for it? Sharing beautiful stories about Pujya Swamiji's early days in the jungle and about saints offering guidance to weary travelers, Sadhviji shares that there's only one place we need to be looking for paradise - and, the that place may actually surprise you!Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga for the guidance and direction that has helped so many people around the world find healing and transformation in their lives!#DivineSatsang #questionandanswer #spirituality #inspiration #motivation

Accidents and Disasters

Shocking moment truck loses control and flips over after driver fell asleep [Video]

A truck driver narrowly avoided serious injury after nodding off behind the wheel of her truck, ploughing through the central reservation of the M5.Sarah-Louise Murray from County Armagh was driving through Somerset having left Scotland the evening before.Ms Murray lost control of her truck at 7.12am on March 13 having spent more than ten hours behind the wheel.Shocking dashcam footage from a HGV following Murray shows how her lorry drifts to the left onto the hard shoulder before clipping the bank and slewing wildly to the right.The truck swerves in front of a car with the dashcam and crashes through the central reservation as Murray's trailer topples over sideways and slides onto the north bound carriageway.Original video: story: Mail Website: Mail Facebook: Mail IG: Mail Snap: Mail Twitter: Mail Pinterest: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

Accidents and Disasters

6 people were taken to the hospital after two cars crashed.Subscribe to FOX 13 Seattle: FOX 13 Seattle Live: 13 Seattle is Western Washington's source for breaking news, weather, traffic, politics and sports. Home of Washington's Most Wanted and the official TV partner of the Seattle Seahawks, Sounders FC and Storm Basketball.Download the FOX 13 Seattle News App: the FOX 13 Seattle Weather App: to FOX 13 Seattle newsletters: FOX 13 Seattle on Facebook: FOX 13 Seattle on Twitter: FOX 13 Seattle on Instagram: