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California Seismograph Live Earthquake News [Video]

California Seismograph Live Earthquake News

Welcome, explanation of abbreviations can be found at the bottom.
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Please read the description of this feed below. This will greatly help you understand what you are seeing on this YouTube Live site.

CaSeismograph is the only featured self-made physical seismograph drum internet live feed in the world! We strive to create a live feed that will serve Southern California people giving everyone a chance to communicate and exchange information about local earthquakes and future events. As you can imagine, this endeavor is quite an undertaking and we thank you for your support as we look forward to daily growing and informing people of earthquake activity in the SOCAL area.

CaSeismograph is for the young and old, and everyone in between. We desire to keep CaSeismograph a child-friendly place and as scientific and accurate in all aspects. This is why our chat is moderated and we expect the chat users to follow the CaSeismograph Team rules. Please be courteous so everyone will undoubtedly have an enjoyable time.

For more in-depth information on our site, please click here:

All Physical seismographs, earthquake graphics, images, background, content, video, voice content captured in this live feed are the property of CaSeismograph, and are NOT intended for redistribution, copying, or repeating unless otherwise approved in writing by the content creator, CaSeismograph on YouTube.

CaSeismograph owns the RS Seismograph in Escondido ( Our Temescal Valley sensor is displayed by one of our CaSeismograph members and can be found at the Community Station View page of the site.

Please subscribe and share with friends and family. For any questions or inquiries, you may contact CaSeismograph at

Thank you!
– The CaSeismograph Team.

Abbreviations: GG = Garden Grove
GMS = Ground Motion Sensor
H = Horizontal
N = North
E = East
S = South
W = West
SMS = Surface Motion Sensor
V = Vertical
CNS = Current Needle Sensitivity
CNT = Current Needle Tracking
CDS = Current Drum Speed
SDR = Single Drum Revolution
LS = Line Speed
LW= Line Width
The white X on RS map = location of the drum and e-Graph

Daytime CNS settings should be between 1000-1500.
If/when the CNS setting is over 1550, the needle movement can turn the paper black.
Most of the daytime needle movement is caused by urban noise.
Earthquakes are still visible during high CNS settings because they overpower the smaller needle movement caused by traffic/construction. For seeing examples of the signature of earthquakes made by these drums click here:

CaSeismograph has proprietary rights to all content displayed on the CaSeismograph live site.
The Raspberryshake map and RS stations are displayed with the full consent of Raspberryshake.
The EQ list is composed of public domain information found at: and

There are currently three hand-picked RS stations we believe to have very well-located RS
geophone sensors. We have displayed them as a guest on our site and would like to get in contact with either one of the owners. Please contact us at and we would love to speak to you about officially supporting your RS sensor with credit to your name on our channel.

If you are having a life-threatening emergency, please disconnect and dial 911.

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Accidents and Disasters

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Accidents and Disasters

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Accidents and Disasters

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