Accidents and Disasters

A Day in The Life of an American Truck Driver – Road Rage, Brake Check, Car Crash, Instant Karma USA [Video]

A Day in The Life of an American Truck Driver – Road Rage, Brake Check, Car Crash, Instant Karma USA

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1. Drivenout – — 5-14-21 Brake checked in Calgary AB. ( Calgary AB )

Drivenout – — Passing with oncoming traffic 5 – 01 – 21 ( Weed, CA )

Drivenout – — 05 – 01 – 21, Land Cruiser passes with oncoming car ( SB near Crescent, OR )

2. bartmantheninja – — Idiot pulls out in front of me ( )

bartmantheninja – — Idiot drivers ( )

3. Vlad Tepes – — NJ four wheeler brake check truck ( I-80 NJ )

4. LouGiblin – — Mass hole near airport on 635 Dallas. Common man ( )

LouGiblin – — Can we play nice ( )

LouGiblin – — Genus didn’t get to grandmas ( )

5. Buster Brown – — Don’t tag along with a State Trooper who is already going over the speed limit ( )

Buster Brown – — Driver wants to be underneath tractor trailer ( )

6. A J198913 – — Idiot drivers of the first quarter in 2021 ( )

A J198913 – — Watch this guy cut off the police ( on the I-15 )

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Accidents and Disasters

Linemen jump into icy water to save a young mother trapped in a sinking car [Video]

Four linemen are being hailed as heroes after becoming a lifeline for 23-year-old Demitria Hartl. to the official YouTube channel of KARE 11 News. Subscribe to our channel for compelling and dramatic storytelling, award winning investigations, breaking news and information you can use.Text your photos, videos and news tips to 763-797-7215.» Subscribe to KARE 11 on YouTube:» Watch more KARE 11 video:» Visit» Download our app!» Find KARE 11 on Facebook:» Follow KARE 11 on Twitter:» Follow KARE 11 on Instagram:

Accidents and Disasters

Tiger Woods Back on the Range since car accident in February [Video]

Tiger Woods first video taking practice swings since car accident in FebruaryGolfing legend Tiger Woods posted a short video of himself taking a practice shot out on a golf course on Sunday.Woods, who has not played in a golf tournament since his car accident in February, shared a three-second video on social media with the caption "making progress."In the video, Woods is seen taking a swing, with a basket filled with golf balls at his side and noticeably wearing a black sleeve on his right leg.The 15-time major champion suffered serious leg injuries in a single-vehicle rollover accident near Los Angeles on February 23, when his SUV crossed a median, went across two lanes of road, then hit a tree and landed on the driver's side in the brush.In recent months, the 45-year old has been seen in attendance at his son's golf tournament standing without crutches.

Accidents and Disasters

David Spade has been entertaining audiences with his wry, sardonic style of comedy for more than 30 years. Having gotten his big break in 1987’s Police Academy 4, Spade made his mark in films like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Joe Dirt. But he’s probably best known for his work on Saturday Night Live throughout the ‘90s.Sadly, the former SNL star has also had a substantial amount of death, destruction, and sadness in his life. From horrible breakups to the unexpected deaths of several of his closest friends and family members, here are some of the tragic details about David Spade.#DavidSpade #SNL #ComediansExperienced a lot of death early on | 0:00The death of Chris Farley | 1:22Death of Kate Spade | 2:34Death of Brody Stevens | 3:42Attacked by his personal assistant | 4:53Lara Flynn Boyle cheated on him | 6:14Home was burglarized | 7:24Unlucky in love | 8:25Read Full Article: