Accidents and Disasters

A Day in The Life of an American Truck Driver – Road Rage, Brake Check, Car Crash, Instant Karma USA [Video]

A Day in The Life of an American Truck Driver – Road Rage, Brake Check, Car Crash, Instant Karma USA

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1. Mountain Trucker – — Brake check ( on I-25 southbound in Norrhglenn, Colorado )

Mountain Trucker – — Riverton head on near miss ( )

2. Robert Lonquist – — Sideswipe 06.13.2021 ( on 1-10 in TX )

3. Just stuff – — Preventable accident ( US Rt 231 in TN )

4. A Althabyani – — Accident Brake check & Cut semi truck ( Memphis Tennessee )

5. DJBrianAZ – — Reckless Driver weaving through semi trucks. ( near Brooklyn, Iowa on I-80 )

6. 13Keystone – — What can be said about this idiot Charger Logistics driver? ( San Marcos, Texas )

13Keystone – — They do call it an acceleration lane? ( near Boerne Texas )

13Keystone – — Cutting in line at the movie theater! ( Denton Texas )

13Keystone – — Truck that got the coronavirus and a sleepy driver ( San Marcos IH 35 Southbound. )

13Keystone – — No problem making that exit ( Austin IH 35 Southbound. )

13Keystone – — I wonder if the driver should have waited on this turn? ( )

7. TheMessenger1212n A – — Friday ( Outside of Lake La CA )

8. Jacek K – — close encounter with semi truck going straight for head on collision ( Texas US-54 west bound )

9. 10-4 Rubber Duck – — Bad Driver with an Enclosed Trailer ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Lunatic Person Sitting in the Middle of I-84 in Idaho ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Two Morons at the same Intersection, in Utah ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Idiot Idaho Driver ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Drunk Driver in Boise Idaho ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Stupid Idiots From Florida ( )

10-4 Rubber Duck – — Moron Scap Metal Hauler ( )

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Accidents and Disasters

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Accidents and Disasters

11/26/2021 Bakersfield Ca. Stay Active! #news #media #livestream [Video]

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Accidents and Disasters

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Accidents and Disasters

A truck driver narrowly avoided serious injury after nodding off behind the wheel of her truck, ploughing through the central reservation of the M5.Sarah-Louise Murray from County Armagh was driving through Somerset having left Scotland the evening before.Ms Murray lost control of her truck at 7.12am on March 13 having spent more than ten hours behind the wheel.Shocking dashcam footage from a HGV following Murray shows how her lorry drifts to the left onto the hard shoulder before clipping the bank and slewing wildly to the right.The truck swerves in front of a car with the dashcam and crashes through the central reservation as Murray's trailer topples over sideways and slides onto the north bound carriageway.Original video: story: Mail Website: Mail Facebook: Mail IG: Mail Snap: Mail Twitter: Mail Pinterest: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app: