Accidents and Disasters

6.0 Earthquake In Northern California Antelope Valley. Epicenter At Nevada Boarder [Video]

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July 2021
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Accidents and Disasters

Pedestrian Striking BMW Crash | POMONA, CA 11.20.21 [Video]

POMINA, CALIFORNIA - Pomona Pd and Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a vehicle that struck a pedestrian at N Garey Ave and W Kingsley Ave. Once officers and firefighters arrived on scene they located a female lying in the street suffering from a broken leg. The BMW the hit the pedestrian remained at scene and was talking to officers.LLN IG - FB -

Accidents and Disasters

Maria Laura Della Monache: Towards the Next Era of Traffic Control: From Theory to Applications [Video]

In this talk, we present new models and control techniques for transportation on large-scale networks. First, we introduce a new two-dimensional traffic model based on partial differential equations (PDEs). We show the validation of the model based on synthetic and real data. Then, we propose an innovative control design, based on the 2D model, that considerably simplifies control design for traffic systems evolving in large-scale networks. The idea consists in projecting the flow evolution into a new space where the control problem can be decomposed in a finite number of one-dimensional problems. Lastly, we show how emergent behaviors in transportation, described with control theory and systems, can be complemented with big data and machine learning algorithms to address more complex societal implications.

Accidents and Disasters

David Spade has been entertaining audiences with his wry, sardonic style of comedy for more than 30 years. Having gotten his big break in 1987’s Police Academy 4, Spade made his mark in films like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Joe Dirt. But he’s probably best known for his work on Saturday Night Live throughout the ‘90s.Sadly, the former SNL star has also had a substantial amount of death, destruction, and sadness in his life. From horrible breakups to the unexpected deaths of several of his closest friends and family members, here are some of the tragic details about David Spade.#DavidSpade #SNL #ComediansExperienced a lot of death early on | 0:00The death of Chris Farley | 1:22Death of Kate Spade | 2:34Death of Brody Stevens | 3:42Attacked by his personal assistant | 4:53Lara Flynn Boyle cheated on him | 6:14Home was burglarized | 7:24Unlucky in love | 8:25Read Full Article: